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Promptly notify Wells Fargo by email at or (via letter, e-mail or telephone) when you move so your account records can be updated.

As a Meredith Corporation stockholder, you may have your dividend payments deposited into your checking, savings, or money market account. Simply notify Wells Fargo to obtain an authorization form. It is very important to provide Wells Fargo with a deposit slip for the bank account to be credited.

These direct deposits may be credited to your account at any financial institution. After you begin the program, a deposit confirmation card will be sent to you each quarter and your dividend information will appear on your bank statement. If you receive dividends through more than one shareholder account, please complete a form for each one.

Contact Wells Fargo by email at or directly for instructions.

Contact Wells Fargo by email at or directly for a copy of the Meredith Corporation Dividend Reinvestment Plan prospectus, authorization form, and instructions.

Meredith Corporation does not have a direct stock purchase program for nonemployees. Please contact your stockbroker to purchase Meredith shares.

  • Meredith's common stock -- ticker symbol MDP -- is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, but its class B common stock is not registered with an exchange.
  • Both common and class B shares pay the same dividends.
  • Class B shareholders are entitled to ten votes per share; common shareholders receive one vote per share.
  • Common stock may be freely traded, while class B stock only retains its class B status if transferred to a "permitted transferee." A permitted transferee could be the spouse of the holder; a lineal descendant of the holder's grandparent or spouse of any such lineal descendant; trustee of a trust, charitable organization, corporation or partnership within the definition of a permitted transferee; or the beneficial owner of the certificate who has been the beneficial owner since December 16, 1986. The company's Restated Articles of Incorporation contain a complete definition. To be transferred otherwise, class B stock first must be converted, share for share, to common stock through the company's transfer agent, Wells Fargo.

Contact either Wells Fargo by email at or to report non-receipt or loss.


  • Check The Wall Street Journal, Money and Investing section, New York Stock Exchange listing for "Meredith - MDP"
  • Visit our Web Site"
  • Call, fax, write, or e-mail your inquiry to:

Mary Culp
Meredith Corporation
1716 Locust St.
Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 284-3898
Fax: (515) 284-3828


Call (800) 284-4236 or email Mike Lovell at

Shareholder account information is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week through Wells Fargo's interactive voice response system at the toll-free number:

(800) 468-9716

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